"Unlike pitch fests and other such events, you can talk to the actual industry insiders (not their interns or readers), for as long as you want, with no lines or no tickets. This is just pure networking"

Agents and Managers

Agents and Managers from major companies like CAA, UTA, WME, and Anonymous Content will be in attendance, as well as many more great agencies and management companies.

Producers and Executives

Executives from studios like Paramount, Warner Brothers, Sony, and Fox will be in attendance, as well as numerous producers looking for their next project.


The fastest growing segment of screenwriting is Television - not surprising considering the number of great new TV shows. We'll have producers, writers, and other TV industry professionals for you to meet and explore this emerging side of screenwriting.

The networking event will put you in the same room with hundreds of industry insiders who are ready and willing to talk with you and hear your loglines. For several hours on saturday night, you will be in a cocktail reception setting where you can talk to any producer, agent, manager, executive, or professional writer for as long as you want - no restrictions. This is networking in it's purest form, and you'll be able to make tons of new hollywood contacts, get requests to read your script, and gain complete access to the very people you have wanted to for years. This isn't just getting your foot in the door. This is a career launcher.